Transmission Installations

Transmission Installations

A Vital System

Our team of experienced marine diesel mechanics understands the critical role that your transmission system plays in the performance and safety of your vessel. Whether upgrading your current transmission, looking for a brand-new installation, or requiring complex repairs, we are your trusted partner for all things related to marine transmission installations

A Novel Approach to Challenges

We understand that every commercial vessel is different, and we recognize that using the same solution for all of them doesn't work. Our specialty is creating custom installation solutions that perfectly align with your asset. If you’re looking for a clever and creative solution, we're the experts you should turn to.

Safely Back to Work

Your safety and the performance of your vessel are our top priorities. Our meticulous installation processes and quality control measures guarantee that your transmission system will function efficiently and reliably, providing peace of mind on every journey.

Your Install is in Good Hands


We start by assessing your specific needs and vessel requirements to create a tailored installation plan.

Expert Installation

Our experienced technicians precisely execute the installation, ensuring the transmission system is seamlessly integrated into your vessel.


Rigorous quality checks are conducted to confirm the proper functioning of the transmission system.


Trend Diesel offers guidance to clients to ensure you clearly understand your newly installed system.

post diesel engine installation service

Following Installation

Following the installation of your marine transmission, we provide continuous maintenance and support services to ensure its peak performance. Regular servicing and proactive maintenance are essential for prolonging your transmission's lifespan and guaranteeing optimal operation.


Have it Installed by the Best

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Our Site or Yours?

We offer 24-hour mobile services.
We’ll come to you.

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