Used Marine Engine Parts

Used Marine Engine Parts

Don’t Buy New if You Don’t Have To

There’s Still Life Left

Sure, we sell brand new engines, transmissions, and power generation systems. But we’ve also been in the business long enough to realize that buying new isn’t always the answer. We believe in exploring all of the possible solutions. And sometimes it’s possible to breathe new life into your vessel and its current systems using good-condition, used parts. We work hard to find quality parts, ensuring they meet our high standards by testing them before selling. There’s nothing wrong with keeping that old engine, as long as you let us bring it back to life with our stellar used parts.

Coming Soon: Used Parts Inventory

We’re committed to making it simple to search for the quality, used parts you need. We’re implementing a system that will allow you to search our used inventory online. Check back soon.

Carrying These and More

Hard-to-Find Parts

Trend Diesel specializes in locating those tough-to-find marine parts. If you’re having trouble finding you’re looking for, contact us and let us help you track it down.

Have a question about our selection of parts? Ask away.

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